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July 2023

Greetings, friends!

We hope that you found ways to enjoy PRIDE month in June! We were thrilled with the attendance and participation of OutSupport's Pride Picnic on the Square, and grateful to all of the organizations that were able to participate, and our volunteers! We've already started thinking about next year's event, so if you would like to be a part of next year's event, we would love to have you as part of the planning team!

Next up: the Medina July 4 Parade! We would love to make a great show of ongoing PRIDE and support for the LGBTQ+ community in Medina! Liberty and Justice do not yet exist in Ohio for LGBTQ+ people, so we are making sure that America still has a long way to go, and also that while the Ohio Legislature seems bent on erasing LGBTQ+ people, we need to remind them that we won't let that happen. If you'd like to march, please meet up at the Medina High School parking lot between 3:15-3:30...we'll decorate the truck and hopefully wagon. Parade steps off at 4:00! Hope to see you there! This is a great way to show your allyship!!

Our friends with the VOTE NO on August 8 will be marching with us...this bill, if passed, will have a very detrimental effect on LGBTQ+ people in the state of Ohio, in particular the right to marry. Make it an absolute priority to be registered to vote, and you can vote early starting on July 11. We advocate voting NO on August 8!!!

HB 68 passed in the Ohio House of Representatives. I know it's upsetting and disheartening. Please continue to contact your Ohio State Senators, to ask them to vote NO when this anti-trans bill comes up (I think in the fall) for a vote. You can also contact Gov. Mike Dewine to ask him to veto such a bill, if it makes it to his desk. Big thanks to all of you who have done what you can to stop this from moving forward. Please know that if this does pass in Ohio....groups like the ACLU, Equality Ohio, and TransOhio will see them in court. UGH.

Upcoming LGBTQ+ Events in Medina County:

* Check out our Tik Tok videos, created with the Medina County Health Dept., and OutSupport friend, John Nimmo, as he shares his story about quitting smoking as part of his recovery. Living Proudly, Living Longer Campaign helping LGBTQ+ folks kick the tobacco habit! (or don't start!!) Facebook/Instagram

* Don't miss OutSupport's Billboards around the county! Unfortunately, one of them was defaced and had to be removed :(, but the other 6 are up through the first week of July!

* Teen events at the Medina Library : Pride Time. July 12 and August 9. 4:00-5:30

* Teen Events at the Brunswick Library: Pride Time. July 18 and August 9 5:30-7:00

* Teen OutSupport MeetUps @ Cool Beans! July 18 and August 15. 7:00-9:00pm. Registration required on Eventbrite Chill@Cool Beans....June's event had 11 queer teens having fun getting to know other teens, decorating cookies and just hanging out! Sponsored by the Medina County Democratic Party!

* Adult OutSupport Support Group. July 11 and Aug. 8. 7:00-8:30pm Unity of Medina 655 N. Broadway Medina

* Adult Hope Recovery Center....Outed: All Pathways Recovery Meeting Thursdays at 6:30. 200 Highland Dr. Medina.

* Adult G2H2 Social Community....join the group for dinner at a local eatery each month! Join the Facebook group to keep up to date!

Mark your calendars!

* Drag Me to Dinner! Aug. 18 @ 6:00 at Williams on the Lake. Tickets on Eventbrite!

* The Safe Conversation September 22 at THE Ohio State University Mansfield Campus (see attached for details) OutSupport will be presenting Trans 101 to participants at the event!

* Akron Pride Festival! August 26. Downtown Akron!

With Gratitude! BIG THANKS to our supporters!

* Panther Corp had a PRIDE Picnic and provided OutSupport with the proceeds! We are so grateful!

* The Akron PRIDE Festival Steering Committee chose OutSupport for their donation this year!! We are so grateful!!!

* Fighting the Radical Right collected $$ at the PRIDE Event on the Square!! We are so grateful!!

* Thanks to all the cash donations from individuals who came to our PRIDE Picnic on the Medina Square! We are so grateful!! We hope to get a Venmo or other account up and running soon, but cash and checks are always welcome, and put to very good use!!

We were happy to provide 5 local teens with binders and gaffs to help them fight gender dysphoria! If you know a teen that needs/wants a specialized undergarment to help them see themselves more authentically, have them reach out to us! We are very happy to use donations that we get to provide teens and young adults with these items!

New resource!

Dr. Mark Weidenbecher is a voice specialist who is now offering Feminization laryngoplasty and tracheal shave. He sees patients in Stow and Uniontown. 330-923-0399 or for additional information.

Lastly, I want to thank those who reached out to me after my father, Dave Ferdinand, made his transition on May 24. He was the kind of grandfather that every LGBTQ+ youth should have in their life. 10 years ago, when my son came out as transgender, all he wanted to know was how he could support Ross in his transition. Except for a few pronoun hiccups the first year, he honored every step in our family's journey. When Clara came out as bisexual a few years later, it made no difference to him in his love for her. May he rest in peace, knowing that love makes all the difference, and he loved his grandchildren fiercely.

Kindest regards,


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