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June 2023

Hi friends,

Just a couple of quick updates for your calendars and get you started on PRIDE Month!

If you haven’t checked out The Buckeye Flame, please check for all events in the summer PRIDE season!

You should have received a forwarded email from the Gay Community Endowment Fund’s Exhale Event on June 2, from 6-10:00pm at the Knight Stage in Akron. This is a benefit for the GCEF Scholarship Fund. Every year, they highlight someone who has done advocacy work on behalf of LGBTQ+ people in our community with The Paul Daum Award, and I am beyond honored and humbled that they will be recognizing…… me! I’d love to see any of you that might be able to join me for the event…every group is made up of the people who participate, and if you are receiving this, you are a part of OutSupport’s story, and I’d love to see you that evening!

Attached, please get a peek of the billboards that will be adorning Medina County’s highways and byways from June 4-July 2! Tell me what you think and if you take any photos, please share!

Attached, also find our 2023 Summer Schedule! Please join us at any event, but especially our Pride Picnic and Chalk Art on the Square…bring your picnic and your artistic talent! Dessert and chalk provided! Thursday, June 8 from 6-8pm. Also, please plan to visit the resources of numerous organizations who are excited to inform you of the services they provide to ALL in Medina County…you are seen and appreciated for who you are with all of the participants (I checked!!!)

Teens…check out the schedule for Meet Ups at Cool Beans over the summer months! We hope to see you there!!

Other stuff: July 4th Parade….we are marching again! Please let me know if you would like to march again this year…I’d love to have another great showing in the city….c’mon…be brave with me!

G2H2: Karaoke Night May 24 at Rico’s in Brunswick 7:00…..sounds like fun!

Pride Time at the Medina Library for Teens: 6/14, 7/12 and 8/9 at 4:00pm

Pride Time at the Brunswick Library for Teens: Aug. 9 @5:30pm

Hope Recovery Every Thursday at Hope Recovery Center (see attached)

That’s all for now! Except one last thing: Consider putting out your Pride flag or banner or any sign that you are an ally….Medina has some great PRIDE flags flying all year, and I absolutely LOVE seeing that! But June is a great time to celebrate PRIDE, and I’d love to see all of Medina very colorful this time of year! However you celebrate PRIDE, we hope you have fun!

Much love,



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